Our Mission

The Iowa City Errand-ers serve as a system of delivery support for older adults, people with chronic health conditions, and those who are immune suppressed during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Iowa City area.

Born out of a single tweet, the Iowa City Errand-ers is a recently organized group of students, parents, working people, and strangers ready to respond to the unique needs of the community as a result of the coronavirus. The group initially formed with the purpose to deliver food and run errands for individuals who are most at risk from the coronavirus. Within 24 hours of launching, over 250 people signed up to help. Given the overwhelming interest, we’ve expanded our scope to assist the Iowa City community at large in a grassroots fashion. 


Helping however we can…

Rather than recreating the wheel, our hope is to connect with local organizations and learn what their needs are at this time and determine how we can help. We are open to anything. Whether it’s volunteering, gathering supplies, running errands, or sharing information, we are ready to mobilize a large number of people.